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James M. Del Duca, Independent Psychotherapist in Bozeman, Montana

James M. Del Duca, Independent Psychotherapist in Bozeman, Montana

Together we will find the healing and positive change you seek.


Together we will find the healing and positive change you seek.

Changing the Course of Your Life

New Growth


We will grow your strengths.

New Direction


You will soon be moving in a new direction.

Your Effort Bears Fruit


Harvest the joy of living.

Foundations of Treatment



By connecting in heart and mind we will create safe space to explore.

Exploring who you are


Knowing yourself, in full depth and complexity, makes mindful choice possible.

Choosing a new path


Knowing yourself, where you came from, and where you wish to go, will give you the power to create the joyful and  healthy life you deserve.

Our Therapy

Depression & Anxiety


Are you experiencing your own depression and anxiety or did you inherit them from others? Treating inherited suffering requires recognition of the roots of your feelings, and a different approach to healing.


Addiction, Trauma & PTSD


Almost all of our negative thinking and behaviors can be traced back to traumatic experiences; these soul-woundings can be our own or those of our immediate family and ancestors. Healing these past soul-wounds is necessary to live in the joyful present. 




Relationships can easily fall victim to unhealthy patterns we learned in the past. Revealing dysfunctional patterns gives us the power to stop them. Joyful healthy relating is a learnable skill!      

Addiction Treatment


A Different Approach to Healing Addiction

Our approach to healing addiction is based upon the understanding that addictions are not a disease or a character defect. They are compulsive behaviors arising from emotional displacement and trauma. Depth psychotherapy is our path to your healing in mind, body, and soul.

Session Locations and Times

Your Home


We can meet anywhere that you are comfortable. Evening and weekend sessions are both convenient and productive for you.

Walk and Talk


Talking while walking is one excellent way to relieve anxiety and absorb new information. Evening and weekend sessions are available.

Office Locations


Office sessions can take place in Bozeman with both evenings and weekends being available.

Online and Telephone Sessions Available


Distance Psychotherapy

For patients who cannot meet face to face we offer telephone, Skype and keyboard sessions. These can be very convenient and affordable.


Discounted rates are available for those truly in financial distress

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