Dharma is the path to embracing reality: The process of awakening and achieving inner peace

Achieve Your Awakening With The Help Of A Psychotherapist In Bozeman, MT

Suffering is an unavoidable part of the human experience. While necessary for growth, it's never pleasant. It is difficult to process suffering without learning certain vital skills. Learn what you need to process negative emotions and traumatic experiences in your sessions at Dharma psychotherapy.

James M Del Duca is a Jungian depth-psychotherapist who helps individuals from all walks of life heal their soul wounds and awaken mindfulness. He guides his clients toward a happy, healthy life through one-on-one mentoring, addiction recovery education and mindfulness-based psychotherapy.

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Dharma Psychotherapy is an independent psychotherapy practice located in Bozeman, MT. We welcome patients ages 10 and up of all races, religions, sexual orientations and lifestyles. To learn more about the benefits of psychotherapy, call 406-599-2463.

Awaken your full potential with a Jungian depth-psychotherapist

When you book a session with a Jungian depth-psychotherapist, you are opening the door to expanded consciousness and healing. This unique approach follows the Jungian analysis popularized by Carl Jung. During your healing journey you will learn how to obtain and maintain wellness by:

Elevating your conscious awareness
Reaching self-realization through understanding your own life and family history
Interpreting your dreams as a revealing and constructive tool for healing

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Heal Your Years of Trauma and Reach a Place of Mental and Emotional Peace

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